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"Payment Reminder Templates That Work"

Late payments are a common occurrence and often times a cause for businesses to struggle.

Every communication you have with a customer (and how much communication with the customer) matters. That’s why here at Funding Gates, we’ve premiered a series of highly effective payment reminder templates to help you whip all your customers into reliable, on-time payers:

  • Friendly Payment Reminders

  • Firm Payment Reminders

  • Final Payment Reminders

  • The Ultimate Payment Reminder

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Establishing A Robust

Credit & Collections Process

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Module 1

Credit & Collections Financial Metrics

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. In this session we’ll cover all the key credit & collections metrics with case studies and example calculations in order to lay a solid foundation.

It is critical for each team member to be good at numbers and understand how they’re contributing to the success and bottom line of your company.

Therefore, there also will be a quiz for each metric which will be graded and discussed with each team member separately. We will go through the metrics again until everyone is fully comfortable.

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Module 2

Setting Up Effective Collections

Strategies & Workflows

Now that the entire team is mastering the metrics and can set up goals that can be tracked and measured, it’s about setting up the right processes, team collaboration and collections strategies, and properly executing on those.

Whether you are working with just one department or across several groups, team collaboration is a necessity in the workplace and in order to manage receivables effectively. Some of the topics we’ll cover include how to specialize your team members, set up goals and rally everyone behind those.

How to identify customers with the highest likeliness to pay, which will help you prioritize your tasks and outreach accordingly. And how to create different customer segmentations and set up targeted collections strategies and campaigns with different touch-points consisting of effective payment reminders and call scripts.

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Module 3

Assessing & Monitoring Credit Risk

On Customer Accounts

When extending terms to customers, it’s key to have a process in place (even if simple at first), to assess the creditworthiness of those customers.

There are various techniques on how to do that so that you can extend a credit limit and terms that will protect your business and that of your customers.

There are sophisticated risk models out there to quantify the creditworthiness of customers – but in this session, we’ll go behind the curtains to actually understand the fundamentals and methods on how to arrive at a conclusion on your own without having relying on ‘black-box’ risk models.

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A Training Program

Committed To Excellence

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Loved by 1,000+ Credit & Collections Teams.

Great software and great team behind it!

FundingGates is our daily AR software. It's wonderfully simple in its presentation and very easy to grasp.

Working through FundingGates has increased our available time to collect and has done wonders for our cash flow.

It works out of the box with minimal setup and does everything you'd expect and more."

Matthew Archbold, CFO

Norman Distribution

Love this platform and team. We had done a ton of research for next generation AR management platforms and this one seriously stood out for the technology - but most importantly, the awesome attention we've gotten during the onboarding process.

Ongoing use works like a charm (super sleek interface that allows all our team members to use it) and any minor support questions we've had were answered really fast - sometimes by senior staff.

They really went the extra mile to make sure we were taken care of.This solution resolved most of our long term nagging issues - and I couldn't recommend it more highly.

Patrick F., CEO


FundingGates acts as an automated, intelligent receivables department for us.

The software shows us where we need to focus in order to collect more money from our customers and helps us with workflows to present a friendlier and more professional face to our customer.

If you have customers, you need FundingGates. It's great!

Daniel Chait, CEO

Greenhouse Software

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